How does your pricing structure work?

Our Pricing structure ranges from month to month services to one time packages. Usually most projects such as web design are a one off payment.
But for things such as Seo to PPC management, it is usually a fixed month to month campaign to deliver the best results.
There are definitely one off SEO & PPC packages you can buy. These include things such as audits, keyword research packages & clean ups/setups.

Are We Locked Into A Contract?

We don’t enforce any form of long term contracts unless otherwise stated under specific circumstances at the discretion of the customer & Invisible Domination.
We normally operate month to month. But keep in mind most marketing campaigns such as seo & adwords can not be measured in a month. They are long term strategies and results or progress are usually seen 3-6 months in. And moving forward of the campaign is to continue to improve the results & maintain everything. 

What makes your agency different than others? 

This is where we brag.
The marketing industry is notorious for lots of horrendous practices. 
Here is a list of what you’ll normally deal with when hiring your average marketing company:
  • Hard to reach or unresponsive
  • Fake B.S Reporting 
  • You have no idea what’s being done with your money month to month
  • They use outdated strategies & black hat techniques (that can get you banned or penalized from google platform)
  • Little to no measurable results

That’s where we aim to end the problem once & for all. We are easily reachable & respond to every email usually within the same day.

We also make sure to go over with you & keep constant communication so you understand the strategy we are implementing, what we are working on this month and the month to come. And every report will include deliverable of where your budget for the month was used.

Because our entire marketing strategy uses a whole entire approach since we are willing to do what 99% of companies aren’t. which is the technical aspect of marketing. No company wants to spend their time on the technical parts of seo & PPC any more. Shoot us a message and we’d be happy to show you exactly what we do & why no other company can compete with us in the amount of effort & work we put in every month to a campaign.

What is Local SEO? 

Local SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of ranking higher on google search results for a specific keyword term in your local market.

Local seo, is usually meant for local businesses such a roofers, retail stores in a specific area, cleaning businesses, and more. The aim is to get your business to rank higher on Google in your specific city or geography.


How much does it cost to have a website built? 

The cost really varies & depends. Simple projects such as a one page landing pages are pretty cheap as compared to building a whole entire site. The cost for an entire site setup & design/development can range from $1,500 – $30,000+


What is the difference between SEO and SEM?


SEO stands for Search engine optimization. SEM on the other hand stands for search engine marketing. Both processes aim in increasing visibility in search engines. But SEM involves other methods that can get you more search engine visitors like PPC advertising. Whereas SEO is strictly just working on improving your rankings for organic search results.


What is the difference between SEO and PPC?

SEO is organic, meaning you are building an asset. You are creating a site that google loves and ranks organically.

Whereas Pay Per Click is a pay to play game. You pay to have sponsored ads show up at the top of google and you get charged every time someone clicks your ad. The minute you stop spending on ads, you are no longer appearing in the search results


What Exactly Goes In Your SEO Campaign?

Our seo campaign involves a couple phases. The first phase is auditing the site, finding any existing errors or issues. Followed by doing an analysis of your competitors & keyword research & mapping out the keywords we want to target for you.

The next phase is where we clean up all your issues before moving ahead with your campaign.

The third phase consists of doing what is called onpage optimization. We optimize your entire site as well as your Google My Business (if you have one) so Google can understand what your site is about and to communicate what topics we want to rank for

The fourth phase is authority building by building relevant authority links from other huge sites in your industry who will link to your site as well as gaining press releases. This will show google you are trusted and will allow you to gain more authourity over your competitors to rank higher.

And the fifth phase which is usually done as the same time as the fourth phase and moving on is what is called Keyword bench-marking. We make sure to track all your important metrics such as CTR, bounce rate, page speed, session duration, avg. top competitor word frequency word count image count & more & we optimize & test every month to improve your metrics.


How much does a WordPress website cost?


WordPress is a free platform once you have paid for domain & hosting.

They usually come with basic free  themes as well as paid themes you can buy.

Now if you’d like a custom wordpress site built, then that is where our web design & web development team would handle your project which would range $1,500-30k depending on the scope of work.


What’s the purpose of an SEO Roadmap/Audit?

The SEO Roadmap we offer is an in-depth & manual process of analyzing your site for errors & issues that can hold your site back.

And will result in a gameplan of what needs to be fixed & done to improve your rankings


How do you verify your Google business account?

  1. Create a free google my business listing with the correct information
  2. If you have multiple listing, make sure you click the one you’d like to verify
  3. Click the “Verify Now”
  4. Sometimes Google will opt for a phone call verification & will send you a code
  5. Usually they will send a mail to your mailing address
  6. When the mail arrives, enter the code 
  7. And that’s it